18th Jan 2012 15:06
PUBLIC message from tom is offline now
hi all - due to issues with this board which should now be resolved this tournament had to be restarted. Apologies and please let me know if it happens again via PM.
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18th Jan 2012 09:26
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this is wrong
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12th Jan 2012 18:39
PUBLIC message from MilesTeg is offline now
Definitely seems to be a problem with the board in at least a few of the games. j-bomb, M57 and I terminated ours...

Not sure what's wrong.
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16th Dec 2011 12:01
PUBLIC message from BorisTheFrugal is offline now
I wasn't sure about joining this (because I'm confident I'll get may @$$ handed to me. When I saw it was a custom trophy I made the jump, but it wasn't until you said it that I saw that it's an ANIMATED trophy. Bravo Nygma, I like. I'm curious to see if it will animate when in the trophy cabinet, or stay static like it is in the tournament join page (or at least that's how I see it).
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16th Dec 2011 02:47
PUBLIC message from MilesTeg is offline now
Oooooohhhh... GIF trophy....
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