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6 Mar 2015
Reviewed by Brutal Steel  Superb
Very straightforward and fun to play
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12 Jan 2015
Reviewed by Atkins  Good
makes great sense to introduce sea and air routes to the classic board. should have been excellent, but, for some reason, I didn't really get on with it that well. I shall try again!
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24 Jul 2014
Reviewed by Angela  Good
I played this with just two players. Not sure it's well suited for that. I feel like I lost before my first turn. But that's probably just my poor play. LOL!
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7 Jan 2014
Reviewed by IRsmart  Good
Interesting addition to a world map. nothing too special, but just good!
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12 Oct 2013
Reviewed by Levowsky  Great
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14 Aug 2013
Reviewed by Zbynja  Perfect
Ships and planes bring much more fun into this classic and it is not over-complicated for new players either.
One thing hard to notice though is that Greenland is not a part of N America :)
Overall great board
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