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28 Mar 2020
Reviewed by Korrun  Perfect
Good mix of fun strategies. Excellent introduction to the more interesting parts of WarGear (factories, dice mods, fog, etc.)
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1 Aug 2015
Reviewed by chessdirector  Great
Good, fun board.
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14 Apr 2015
Reviewed by Levowsky  Good
good and complicate
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18 Feb 2015
Reviewed by Skelement  Great
I think I preferred the one from Warfish but it's still a very enjoyable and unique board.
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8 Dec 2014
Reviewed by Brademonium  Superb
Great board. A lot of strategy involved with when and where to attack.
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8 Aug 2013
Reviewed by Chinnie  Perfect
Excellent map. Good mechanics
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9 Jul 2013
Reviewed by Serpentis-Lucis  Great
Pretty good.
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4 Jun 2013
Reviewed by Dr Gobbel  Superb
GOOD fun
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2 May 2013
Reviewed by coren  Perfect
Love the different ways you can play and win. Nice variety. Great resources.
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20 Dec 2012
Reviewed by Rad-Warrior  Great
Its OK, Must Watch out for the high rated players they know how to kill ya fast!!
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27 Jun 2012
Reviewed by BorisTheFrugal  Superb
The addition of resources really puts this one over the original. Big fan.
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14 Mar 2012
Reviewed by Quazimoto  Great
You have to read how things run, but overall a good board. I like the changes to it with the oil, gold and space shuttle.
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