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11 May 2021
Reviewed by Templaribus  Bad
I am sure this could be one of the most popular boards of the site! It has some very interesting and even clever ideas. It is a pity there are so many flaws. It could become much better after a thorough review.
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10 Mar 2021
Reviewed by Hozza  Abysmal
This board is very confusing, game play is unclear, borders are an issue, as per previous comments.
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18 Nov 2020
Reviewed by Pratik  Abysmal
This board has potential. But the borders are extremely unintuitive.
It is not at all obvious which borders exist and which do not. Several territories have absolutely no attacking border. This board is pretty much unplayable till the borders are fixed.
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23 Aug 2020
Reviewed by DeVine  Bad
Bad map, very unclear and confusing.
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12 Jul 2020
Reviewed by derjusti  Superb
Love this board!
Winds of winter being my favorite scenario, with house of winds now and then to keep some variety.
There are some small issues to be fixed (all named already) to make the board even better.
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2 Aug 2019
Reviewed by totti  Good
it's interesting
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5 Jul 2019
Reviewed by BollyJoy  Perfect
This is a great board - the complexities are perfect for learning strategy.
I'm a beginner and I get my a$$ handed to me every time I play this. Love it!!
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16 May 2019
Reviewed by Haleth  Great
I think this board is great, but be even better with a 20 army limit onthe seas and a 5 dice attack instead of six when attacking from the sea, except when attacking ports.
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21 Sep 2018
Reviewed by RonMexico  Superb
Favorite. The 8 sided dice for capitals is too wild. It should be +1 to highest die or each die instead.
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7 Apr 2017
Reviewed by Karellen  Poor
Not enjoyable as the border layout is very confusing. Not for new players.
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12 Mar 2017
Reviewed by Big Skin  Average
Lots of boarder confusion - things don't make logical sense. So only player who study this board and play a lot will benefit. Not a good board for newbies.
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6 Nov 2016
Reviewed by Benaaz  Perfect
Very good board, i really recommend it
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16 Aug 2016
Reviewed by mikeconn  Good
There's a lot of thinking that goes in to playing this board. Big drawback is that you have to play (lose) several games before you figure out how to play.
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13 Dec 2015
Reviewed by Alexanderthegreat1  Abysmal
not too much good to say about this one
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15 Apr 2015
Reviewed by vbbartlett  Great
The board is not for noobs, it is not a braindead risk board. There is a lot of thought and strategy that goes into a turn. Love it.
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14 Apr 2015
Reviewed by keedy black  Abysmal
This board is terrible. The learning curve is too steep and the game play is entirely counter intuitive. Its too easy to be eliminated before you even take a turn. What's the point?
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6 Mar 2015
Reviewed by Brutal Steel  Terrible
This board relies too much on forcing you to play several games to learn the rules/boundaries.
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30 Jan 2015
Reviewed by Lazarus  Bad
My biggest compliant is that The Arbor island is a prison with now way to get troops out of it. I do not even understand why you would create a board with only moving troop into an island and no way to attack or even fortify them off an island. Am I missing something?
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23 Aug 2014
Reviewed by itsnotatumor  Good
Love the layout and design, but gameplay has seemed to devolve to who can move fastest to take out neighboring noobs and use their weakness to rush the map.
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30 Jul 2014
Reviewed by Brademonium  Perfect
Love this map. Many different things to take into account during your turn, especially the terrain and unit reinforcement. The different game modes add fun twists to the board which completely change how you need to play.
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