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5 Apr 2019
Reviewed by Mad Bomber  Superb
Many good starting positions and the plus two card scale seems perfect even though this is a smallish board
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18 Feb 2017
Reviewed by Babbalouie  Good
Fun and easy to play.
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26 Jun 2014
Reviewed by Brademonium  Superb
Great small map and easy to play.
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14 Jun 2014
Reviewed by Levowsky  Average
Easy board
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24 Nov 2013
Reviewed by ratsy  Perfect
This is a perfect example of small map play, with big fun attached. Your best strategy here is prudence (imo), where a well timed move for a continent or a good backstab will put you in a powerful position!

Pretty with a great layout, any edge you can gain here will help!
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20 Sep 2013
Reviewed by Chinnie  Superb
I've so far only played it 2vs2, but I love it.
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19 Oct 2011
Reviewed by KingCory  Good
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23 Aug 2011
Reviewed by groundforce  Great
like how it circles around right positioning at start helps
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