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31 Mar 2017
Reviewed by Big Skin  Average
Good board. Pretty basic. Wish it had some sort of a fun twist.
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3 Sep 2014
Reviewed by Atkins  Good
another interesting variation on the original, but somehow hasn't caught my attention. A good board nonetheless.
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5 Aug 2014
Reviewed by Angela  Good
Played 1 vs 1 and it wasn't great. Not bad, but not great. Liked starting with 4 on each. Liked that you could fortify to any connected. But assuming you get those options on a standard Risk board I'm not sure what this one adds.
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13 Feb 2014
Reviewed by Mario93al  Superb
I like this board!!

For players who want classic risk in a different boards
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27 Mar 2012
Reviewed by Isfelt  Average
Not sold on it
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16 Mar 2012
Reviewed by DavidAlbright  Good
Great small-sided board. The pirate ship adds a fun twist.
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8 Oct 2011
Reviewed by Jigler  Good
Good times. Excellent graphics, solid play. Great to have simple classic-type boards to play on. nothing flashy with gameplay. Good one. :)
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23 Feb 2011
Reviewed by zdisabled_544f6945  Fair
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19 Feb 2011
Reviewed by falker1976  Good
Not bad.
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26 Nov 2010
Reviewed by Paulville  Great
I like it, I will repeat it following StepOnMe tipa
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4 Jun 2010
Reviewed by KrocK  Good
I agree with StepOnMe, if a continant can easly be taken then go for it. but if not, look for a elimination.
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31 Mar 2010
Reviewed by StepOnMe  Great
A great board with a cool twist from the original RISK to make it more unique while avoiding any copyright issues. Graphics & cards are fun, game play is easy to pick up, and transferring is perfect for this board. Only negative I can see is that the larger bonuses are almost not worth going for because the entire map is so easily accessible that players can eliminate each other simply by attacking and turning in cards. Regardless, it's a great board to play with any number of players.
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