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15 Feb 2015
Reviewed by Johasi Vidad  Great
Good board. Enjoyed the subway and capital aspects a lot.
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25 Mar 2014
Reviewed by Pappy  Fair
design is good just not big on Simulgear games
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19 Feb 2012
Reviewed by Cona Chris  Superb
This map is Simulgear, and I think really requires some experience with playing this game type (as opposed to turn based) in order to do well on it. The game plays very fast, with the ability to reinforce troops to potentially anywhere on the board if you own capitals (buildings) and/or subways and then attack with them on the same turn!

I've seen a few different tactics be successful as well, so this isn't a board where one strategy is the most optimal 100% of the time.

The graphics and design are perfect for the game as well.

I'm with BlackDog in wondering why this board isn't played more often!
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12 May 2011
Reviewed by BlackDog  Great
I'm suprised at how little play this map is receiving, I think this is due to it being simulgear, rather than a reflection of the quality of the map.

With reinforcement to any territory, attacking with reinforced units, and battles favoring the attacker, this is a this is a dynamic, quick paced and difficult scenario. The subway connections give this a distinctly connected feel that I enjoy, similar to Speakeasy. The fortified capitals with a bonus make for interesting strategy, similar to what you might find in a game of Castles. The attack bonus makes me uncomfortable.. but in this case I think it is the exciting uncomfortableness of being forced outside your comfort zone.

Perhaps the best aspect of this map is that it is both comprehensible and unique.. everything about this map is straightforward, but no other map on the site plays like this one.

So play it!
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24 Apr 2011
Reviewed by Sff75  Average
Need to play more games to give a precise feedbac
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