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  • Status: Retired
  • Version: 10.0
  • Designer: Thingol
  • Rating:
  • Rating Score: 9.57 out of 10 [7 ratings]
  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Created Date: 23rd Aug 2018
  • Release Date: 1st Mar 2017
  • Games Played: 112

Design Information
Territories 306
Continents 1040
Advanced Features View Only Borders
One-way Borders
Attack Only Borders
Fortify Only Borders
Artillery Borders
Border Modifiers
Board Settings
Gameplay Turn Based
Available Players
2 3 4 5
Card Sets Worth 2,3,2,3,2,3,2
Territory Selection Automatic
Unit Placement Automatic
Starting Setup Scenario based
Capital Cities On
Teamplay Enabled
Fog Setting Medium
Fog Override Enabled
Open Games 0
The Mansion
Madame Eva
The Church
Seat Color Team Starting Cards Starting Bonus Win Condition

Board Description


Unique Personas SE - Random assignment

Based on the Ravenloft game/map/setting.

Wikilink http://www.wargear.net/wiki/doku.php?id=boards:ravenloft:ravenloft


From the ledge of his overlook, on the precipice of the chasm which yawns just below, Count Strahd Von Zarovich looks south and westward to the small village of Barovia. The Count's face displays a ruefull smile, for he has spied a small group of adventurers entering from beyond the mists. The group travels westward along the Old Svalich Road and proceeds through the gate, the imposing Svalich woods seeming to compress inwards on both sides. You, the player, have been invited to the castle for dinner. Will you accept?


Many magic items are distributed throughout the realm. Some of the most powerful are within the confines of Castle Ravenloft, but only the truly courageous will brave that grim location. Grab these items and add to your persona to best utilize them to win the game. Note - use the matrix in the middle of the board to match magic items to your persona to determine bonuses.

Personas - Each player represents a distinct persona. Each has special abilities and each generates magic item bonuses based on the matrix in the center of the board.

  • Rogue
  • Generates a +1 factory bonus on each warehouse owned and can fortify from these

    locations back to his Life flask.

    Has the ability to view each of the magic item's guardian locations as well as guardian

    for other special locations (Circus, Gingerbread House and Castle entrance).

    Gets a +1 placement bonus for owning the Tavern.

    Defends with additional advantage against the Assassin and Vampire.

    The Rogue can attack Rafael's Barge from his Life Flask with advantage (artillery

    border). Likewise, since he knows Donnie Drumpf (aka "Donnie 2-times"), he can easily

    get into the Carnival (artillery border).

    Finally, the Rogue has a "Rogue's Gallery' location. This location, capped at 2 units, has

    fortify abilities to the warehouse and empty warehouse locations. The Rogue's life flask

    has an attack border to the Rogue's Gallery.

    Gains a placeable +2 bonus for owning all 4 empty/ware-houses.

  • Ranger
  • Generates an additional +1 bonus for any two countryside magic items owned.

    Due to his connection with nature, has artillery borders to the Water Nymph, Wolf

    Ambush, Werewolf Trapper and Stagecoach locations from his Life flask at slight


    The Ranger gets an additional +1 placeable bonus for the Werewolf Trapper and Fountain


    Due to his scouting nature, the Ranger has some viewable locations along the roads and


  • Fighter
  • Begins with additional +1 default bonus.

    Additional +1 bonus for any two village magic items owned.

    Gets an additional +1 placeable bonus for owning the smithy at Bildrath's Mercantile.

    Can fortify from his Life flask to any village magic item locations.

    The Fighter attacks anywhere in the Town Center at advantage and has an extra

    jumping off point in each direction from the Town Center.

  • Wizard
  • Can cast the following spells - fireball and magic missile. Fireball casts a 5 unit artillery

    attack at any one non-castle magic item location and hits at 100%. For a brief moment,

    the wizard will get a glimpse of the location being targeted. Magic Missile artillery

    attacks each non-castle magic item location with 2 units, each landing at 100%. Fireball

    and Magic Missile take place the turn following their being set. Note - the Magic Missile

    will not harm the Wizard's own units.

    To replenish spells, the wizard needs to secure the Magic Fountain and the Codex or

    Azalin's Tower and the Codex.

    The Wizard's divination abilities give view-only borders to the bridges.

    +2 bonus for taking Azalin's Tower.

    Dual-continent bonus of +1 for owning any two of Azalin's Tower, Codex Advocare

    and the Ring of Parting Prevented.

  • Cleric
  • Has the ability to become the Paladin (see below) if acquires the Sunsword.

    Gets an additional +1 placeable bonus for owning the Church.

    Has view borders to the Haunted houses, but gets a -1 penalty for each haunted house


    Can cast Heal spells (+2 bonus to all of his non-castle magic item locations and also to

    the chapel bonus locations in the castle).

    Has the ability to 'turn' the Ghost of Van Richten (factory attacks to the ghost and the

    tower entrance/stairs).

    Heal and Turn take place the turn following their being set.

    To replenish spells, the Cleric needs to secure the Magic Fountain and the Holy Symbol

    of Ravenkind or Azalin's Tower and the Holy Symbol.

    +1 bonus for taking Azalin's Tower.

    Dual-continent bonus of +1 for owning any two of Moonfriend Stone, Pendant and Holy


  • Vampire
  • Generates a +1 bonus for each haunted house owned. Owning all 3 haunted houses

    generates a +1 factory bonus to the Vampire Attack location which can attack opposing

    player's Life Flask, possibly taking over their persona. Owning multiple haunted houses

    also generates dual-bonuses for the vampire (+1 for any two, +3 if own all three).

    The ability to transfer from Life Flask to any owned haunted house.

    Immune to the Assassin's attack.

    Can view the Life Flask of opposing players.

    The Vampire gets no bonus for owning the Church, but does get a +2 placeable bonus

    for owning the Graveyard. Furthermore, each Cemetary location owned generates a +1

    factory bonus on itself.

    The Vampire can attack the Stagecoach from his Life flask (artilllery border) with


    +1 bonus for taking Azalin's Tower.

    Finally, the Vampire gets an additional +1 bonus for any two castle magic items owned.

    Magic items generate positive bonuses to life force based on the player's persona. There are 9 magic items with a variety of bonuses. The magic item matrix is on the center of the map for ease of reference. Unit placement is on for magic items and these locations can also fortify back to the life bonus. The items are spread about - 3 in the village, 3 in the countryside and 3 in the castle.

    Gameplay special notes:

  • Magic Items are outlined on the map in blue.
  • Default bonuses are +3 life force per turn.
  • 15 attacks maximum per turn.
  • Card sets are 2 or 3 units.
  • Unlimited fortifies. Fortifies are across any connected territories.
  • Placeable bonus units are placeable on both the life flask as well as magic items and some rare locations.
  • The Village of Barovia, places of interest

  • The Town Square is where each adventure begins and will be a busy place throughout the game, especially the early gameplay. Each player can begin their turn by attacking from their life force into one of the town square spots.
  • Owning the Church (all spots) adds a +1 bonus. Owning the church & graveyard yields a +1 bonus, placeable. The Church houses one of the magic items, the Pendant of Good Health.
  • Owning the Burgomaster's Mansion yields a +1 life bonus. The mansion houses one of the magic items, the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind.
  • Mad Mary's houses a magic item, the Ring of Parting Prevented. The interior of Mad Mary's has secret one-way outlets to multiple streets.
  • The Blood on the Vine Tavern allows the players to converse with the local inhabitants, unearthing information and rumors. The players who controls the Tavern has the Rogue-like ability to view the Guardians for each of the Guardian locations in the village and the countryside.
  • Bildrath's Mercantile - features a player weapon smithy whereby the player can craft a weapon to add +1 life. This location will be a max unit count 1. The weapon will generate a placeable unit each turn as long as it is used.
  • Vadrugal's Coach Company - a player can take a ride to one of 2 spots (attack-only borders) up the road. Note, however, that the coach is limited to 2 units at a time, so usage must be timely.
  • There are three Haunted Houses (HH) in Barovia. These are attuned to vampires, but hurt the cleric. Each yields a -1 life bonus if the player is the cleric persona and a +1 life bonus if the player is the vampire persona. Unit caps for these are 4. Placement is enabled on these locations.
  • There are a number of empty houses and a warehouse. There are no bonuses for populating these spots, and they vary in max unit caps (4 for vacant houses, 10 for the warehouse), but placement is enabled on them and they may act as staging grounds for future operations. The warehouse has one-way exits in the rear of the building which allow for speedy starts on the road.
  • The Countryside, places of interest

  • Van Richten's Tower, east of Barovia, and once home of the legendary vampire hunter Rudolph Van Richten, houses one of the magic items, the Codex Advocare. But beware! The villagers believe the tower to be haunted. The tower has steps leading up to - the higher steps defend with slight advantage. Also, the Tower can pick off approaching troops down the path (artillery border with +1 advantage).
  • The magic fountain has a location, guarded by a water nymph, which will generate a +1 placeable bonus if acquired (also for the Wizard and Cleric, it assists in recharging their spells).
  • The Gingerbread House has 3 locations which generate a +1 to life, sprinkled with candy by the Annis Hag Pretty Kolchya.
  • Azalin's Tower - This long-abandoned tower holds a forgotten secret, a magic crystal scrying stone. Taking the tower factory-generates to a location under the tower from which the owner can switch amongst several spots. Each spot has view to a handful of locations near a key area on the map. The scrying stone can only view one area per turn, so choose wisely. The scrying stone also enhances the ability of magic-users (Wizard, Cleric, Vampire) who gain a bonus from it. Also, assists Wizards and Clerics with recharging their spells (see the verbiage for those heroes).
  • Scrying Locations:

    1-North near Werewolf Trapper

    2-NW near the Carnival

    3-NW near the Stagecoach and Vistani Camp

    4-West, on the Gingerbread path

    5-SW on the swamp path near the Fountain

    6-East on path to Van Ricthen's Tower

  • The Sea Hag has a small dock and boat just outside her lair in the marshes from which she occasionally travels to see her sister, with a beach landing near the Gingerbread House. She has developed a beachfront resembling a snake to guide her way. The Sea Hag guards one of the magic items, the Stifled (screaming) Skull.
  • Strahd's Stagecoach affords a quick travel to Castle Ravenloft, provided you defeat the guardian. The stagecoach slowly resets to neutral 4 after delivering it's occupants.
  • North of the stagecoach is a smaller shortcut thru the woods, but beware the wolf ambush in this area.
  • In the far northwest is the Carnival of Tears. This carnival offers up many bonuses if a player can take and retain all 3 locations. Bonuses are +2 placement units and +2 to the life flask. Max unit count is 1 per location. The carnival is guarded by the carnival barker Donnie J Drumpf. The carnival barker respawns up to neutral 2.
  • Varikov the dwarven werewolf trapper has an abode in the north. Defeating him allows the player to loot a special silvered weapons cache, +1 placeable unit per turn. Placement is enabled here.
  • Very important bonus - Wanderer bonus of +3 placeable units for owning The Carnival (all), Magic Fountain and Gingerbread House (all).
  • The Vistani Camp, places of interest

  • Madam Eva, the leader and seer of the Vistani (a nomadic gypsy-like folk), guards one of the magic items, the Moonfriend Stone.
  • Madama Eva's crystal ball - stop in for a peak to see the ownership of the magical items or keep a unit to retain that vision turn to turn at the cost of 1 Life bonus per turn. Eva's crystal ball cannot scry the items within the castle, however, as the castle wards are too powerful.
  • Rafael's Barge affords a small shortcut to Castle Ravenloft, provided you pay the fee. The barge slowly resets to neutral 2 after delivering it's occupants.
  • Arrigal the assassin can be hired to kill your opponent's Life Flask capital, limit one attack per turn. It has a limit of 3 units and attacks at slight disadvantage.
  • Castle Ravenloft, areas of interest

    The Castle is populated with several creatures, some basic and some monstrous and contains 3 of the magic items, each very powerful.

  • The castle Library houses the Tome of Strahd.
  • The Dayheart Tower houses the Dayheart Amulet.
  • The Crypts house the powerful Sunsword. If a player has the cleric persona and acquires the sunsword, his cleric persona transforms into the Paladin; see the Paladin special abilities below.
  • In the Dining Hall at Castle Ravenloft is an image of Strahd. Defeating this image (which defends at +2) allows a fortify border from your life force into the Castle.
  • The Castle's Chapel has two locations which each generate a +1 life bonus.
  • The Castle Overlook affords a view of several locations in the town of Barovia.
  • The Castle forward Turrets allow visibility to anyone approaching the castle and attack with artillery borders with slight advantage to them. They are placement-enabled and capped at 6 units.
  • The Castle entrance defends at +1.
  • Special persona powers:

  • Immediately after acquiring it, 4 units are placed on the Paladin. The Paladin has a few abilties. He generates a factory +4 units each turn on himself. He has placement enabled. He can attack other artifacts and creatures within the castle with advantage (except the image of Strahd, which he knows to be a fake). He can attack Strahd's real visage in the Audience Hall (defeating Strahd adds +2 placeable bonus to the player). Among other things, the Paladin can see all the happenings within the castle and he can attack the Vampire player's Life flask.
  • (also see Sunsword above for acquiring the Paladin)

    How to win:

    Each player's life force is his/her capital. The way to win the game is to obtain a portal key ( by acquiring a sufficient amount of magic items on the board), which unlocks a factory portal. On the player's next turn (as long as they retain the key until then), the portal fills with 20 units and can attack opposing player's life force at D6 vs D5.

    This version requires acquiring any 4 magic items.

    Gameplay Settings

    Gameplay TypeTurn Based
    Return to unit placement from attackOn
    Return to attack after fortifyOn
    Number of attacks allowed15
    Number of fortifies allowedUnlimited
    Multiple attacksOn
    Allow fortificationConnected
    Allow abandonment of territoriesOn
    Abandoned territories revert to neutralEnd of Turn
    Fog typeMedium
    Allow override of fog settingYes
    Game historyShow

    Team Settings

    Teamplay EnabledYes
    Team VisionOn
    Team Unit PlacementOff
    Team Unit TransferOn
    Team Factory ProductionOn


    Card CaptureOn
    Maximum number of cards allowed5
    Card values2,3,2,3,2,3,2,3,2,3,2
    Must capture non-empty territory to earn cardOn
    Card deckA:16 B:16 C:16 W:4

    Bonuses, Limits and Dice

    Grant 1 unit per x territories ownedDisabled
    Minimum bonus units per turn0
    Elimination bonus0
    Capturing of reserves on eliminationOn
    Maximum reserve units5
    Maximum units per territoryUnlimited
    Auto Assign Factories
    Number of sides on Attacker's Dice6
    Number of sides on Defender's Dice6

    Initial Setup

    Initial setupSetup based
    Lock seat colorsOn
    Lock seat orderOn
    Lock starting bonus to:Seat
    Allow seat selectionNone
    Capital citiesOn
    Capital city captureOff
    Capital city unit assimilation %0
    Destroy unallocated CapitalsOn
    Number of units per Territory0
    Territory selectionAutomatic
    Unit placementAutomatic
    Neutral countLow
    Neutral Factories
    Use team names defined in ColorsOff
    Allow players to choose seats / teamsNone